Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Dream About Colton Bryan - Son of David Bryan, Bon Jovi Keyboardist

The Dream

This is a background of the dream I had January 21.

Colton Bryan was a good kid….except for the fact he steals credit cards from the ones he loves.  You’d think his father would give him money whenever he needed it since he was a member of Bon Jovi.  His step mother was a worker for the juvenile system.  She was a housemother at a 30 day emergency shelter.

In this dream, Colton was in court under a charge of credit card theft of unknown origin.  I, his step mother, did not know why he was in court until I got there.  I blurted out that someone had been using my credit card without my knowledge.  The judge gave Colton a stern look.  Colton pulled out a credit card.  I pulled out my credit card and it had the exact same numbers on it.  David was in shock that his son would steal from me.  He acted like and he sincerely apologized to me.  The judge turned to Colton and told him that even though his dad was famous, he needed to pay the credit card charges to me.  The judge decided that he would go on a cruise ship for a month to make money to repay me back.  I told the judge I thought it was a harsh judgment.   We wouldn’t get to see him or to talk to him.  The judge asked if I had any other suggestions.  I did in fact have another idea.  The money wasn’t as important to me as the lesson he needed to learn.  I told the judge who my employer was.  She asked if the employer would consider taking him as a 30 day emergency status.  I told the judge that I would call and ask them.  She put the court into recess and I called my boss.  Since the place was low on children, they asked me the referral questions on my stepson.  I didn’t have a caseworker, but told them by the end of the day Colton would have one.  They eagerly accepted Colton as a resident.  As court got back into session, I told the judge Colton got accepted into the home.  As they took Colton away, I turned to David, Gabby and Lily and told them “At least we get to see and talk to him, and I get to bond with my stepson while he is there and when I go to work every shift.”  David smiled at me and told me I did a good thing and he was proud of me for helping Colton.

End of Story!  I wish I had not have woken up…I wanted to know what else happened!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

You Had Me From Hello

As Cassie was packing her bags to go to the beach with her 3 friends for the weekend, she thought about the upcoming concert that she waited 4 hours in line to get. Bon Jovi would only be in Myrtle Beach once, and she had to be there. Cassie lived 4 hours away from the beach and that was the closest she could get to see her favorite band, with Jon being her favorite. She knew all about him...What his favorites were and even the size of his underwear. Not that she wanted to know. It was 15 minutes before her friends would be there and she double-checked to make sure she had everything. She thought about her great friends, Brittany and Michelle. Brittany loved Richie and Amy, well, she liked them all. Her favorite changed from week to week, so who knew who it was this week. They decided to go a couple of days before the concert so that they could enjoy some of the attractions they wouldn’t normally get a chance to do in the course of a normal weekend with a concert, so they left on a Wednesday. Cassie didn’t know this weekend would change her life forever.

“Cassie!!” her mom yelled to her. “Brittany and Michelle are here.”

“Ok!! I’ll be right down.” She yelled back to her mom.

Cassie came down the stairs with her bags packed like she was staying for a week. She was only going for the weekend.

Cassie’s mom said to them “Are you girls sure you’ll be ok?”

“Yes mom, we’ll be fine. We all have extra money and I have daddy’s credit card in case of an emergency. And before you ask, we have a cooler full of drinks and sandwich makings so we don’t spend a lot of money.”

“Ok girls, you have fun and I’ll see you Sunday night unless something major happens” her mom said.

“Mom, don’t worry, I’ll give you a call before we leave the beach on Sunday.” Cassie said.

Cassie hugged her mom goodbye and they were off. On the way to the beach, they talked about everything under the sun. They were best friends and they mostly talked about the concert they were going to.

“Cassie, wouldn’t it be neat if we got to meet the band?” Michelle asked.

“Yes, but I doubt it will happen to us.... You know how many people are going to be there. At least we aren’t staying in the same hotel as them. We got what we could afford,” Cassie told them.

“Well, I want to meet Jon. I think that would be soooo cool.” Michelle said.

“You want to meet ALL of them. I guess this week it is Jon huh?” Brittany commented.

As they neared the beach, the traffic was heavy, but they figured they were people coming to see the concert. Cassie has been to the beach several times before from family vacations that her parents have taken. She knows her way around the beach and directs them safely to the hotel they were staying at. The hotel they were staying at was small, but the crowd was outrageous. Brittany parked the car and they all went up to the desk to check in.

“Excuse me sir, we have a reservation.” Michelle said as she went up to the desk.

“What is the last name please?” The clerk asked politely.

“Baldwin, first name is Michelle.” Michelle said as she continued, “Why are all these people here?”

“Well, supposedly some band is supposed to be staying here, but I can’t verify that information. Here is your key. Room number 209. Go around the building and you are on the second floor, facing the ocean.” The clerk said as he handed us the key.

“WOW!! To think we are in the same hotel as Bon Jovi...Who would’ve thought!!!” Michelle said as we headed for the car.

“Don’t get too carried away Michelle. He said he couldn’t verify it, so they may not be staying here.” Cassie told Michelle as they drove around trying to find the room.

The hotel is 3 stories high and right on the beach. For the town of Myrtle Beach, that is a small hotel.

They found their room and went to check it out. It was a small room with 2 double beds, a small bathroom, a TV, and a small microwave. As it was getting late, the girls decided to check out the Myrtle Beach nightlife, which included an amusement park. They found a Chuck – E – Cheese’s and ate dinner there. After going to dinner, the girls went to the amusement park. The park was packed and they rode the rides familiar to them. They finally got tired and went back to the hotel room and went to bed.

Early the next morning, around 6am, before anyone awakened, Cassie got up because she wanted to go out and find some seashells to add to her collection. She got dressed, and got her butter tub she brought from home and went out on the beach, where the sun was coming up behind the hotel. There were not very many people out, but the ones that were out, were doing the same thing she was doing.... collecting shells. She wasn’t paying any attention to where she was going because she was looking at the ground looking for shells. She’d walked about a quarter of a mile when she spotted a small shell that wasn’t water damaged too much and picked it up. She walked further down the beach and noticed a girl, about 10 years old walking ahead of 3 people. 2 of which looked like teenagers. One was a boy and the other a girl. The girl was in a pink bikini holding a towel while the boy was in swimming trunks and a Ocean Pacific T-shirt. The other person that was with them had a hat that said “Faith” on it with a wife beater shirt and swimming trunks. As they walked by, Cassie said “Hi” to them. The older man returned salutations. They both walked on for a couple of paces and then all of a sudden Cassie hears “Excuse me miss…..” She turns around it was the man she had just passed.

“Yes?” Cassie said.

“I was wondering. We just got here early this morning and don’t know where anything is. Do you live around here?” the man asked.

“I don’t live around here, but I have been coming here since I was a baby in the summers. I practically live here.” Cassie said.

“Well, we are hungry and haven’t eaten. We are looking for a good place to eat that isn’t McDonalds!” The man said.

“Well, it all depends on where you are staying and how far you want to drive. Cassie said. “There is an IHOP around here.”

“We are staying at The Sand Dunes hotel. It’s about a 5 minute walk from here. “ The man said.

“Hey, that’s where me and my friends are staying. Maybe we can all get together with you and your kids.” Cassie said.

“That would be nice, but I want to spend time with my kids. Maybe after the concert.” He said.

“That would be cool. Wait, I don’t even know your name….Well, here are the directions to the IHOP - keep going on the main drag heading north and it is about a mile up the road on the left. If you see the mall you’ve gone too far.”

“Thanks. You said you are only here in the summer. Why are you here in the middle of September?” The man asked.

“Well, me and a couple of my friends are going to a concert.” Cassie said. “Bon Jovi is in town if you haven’t heard. The IHOP might be pretty busy with a lot of people in town”

“Well, I’m here for the concert too!!” the man said, “but my kids have no interest at all in seeing them. They are here to go to the beach. I have them for the weekend, but with the concert, they will have to be on their own for a few hours.”

“Well, maybe I’ll see you at the concert.” Cassie said as she turned to walk away.

“I’ll be looking for you.” The man said.

“There will be thousands of people there. You will be lucky to find me.” Cassie said.

“I will see everyone there” He said, as he turned to walk away.

“Wait….you didn’t even tell me your name….” Cassie said.

“There is a good reason behind that. ” He said. “Meet me at the back door at the House of Blues after the concert. Knock on the door and tell the guard that there is a lunar eclipse on the rise. He will let you in.” The man and his kids headed back to the hotel.

Cassie was puzzled and skeptical by what the man had said. Cassie wondered back to the hotel as she was thinking about the guy she just met. He seemed nice enough, but she couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t reveal his name to her. As she walked into her room, she noticed that Brittany and Michelle were awake. Brittany was on the edge of the bed doing her hair.

“You won’t believe what happened to me while I was out looking for shells!” Cassie said.

“Well...Spill it!” Brittany said.

“ Where is Michelle at?” Cassie asked.

“She is in the shower. So what happened? Why are you smiling so much?” Brittany asked.

“I think I’d better wait for Michelle to get out of the shower before I tell the story. I don’t want to tell it twice.” Cassie said not knowing she was grinning from ear to ear. “Sorry I didn’t leave a note, but I thought I’d be back before you both got up. I guess I lost track of time.”

“That’s ok Cass. But we were wondering where you were. I forgot you brought that tub to put shells in.” Brittany said.

Just about that time, Michelle was out of the shower “Where were you?? I was worried sick about you!! You should have left a note.” She said.

“Sorry about that ‘chelle, but you wouldn’t believe what happened to me while I was getting shells for my collection.” Cassie said.

“OK...I’ll ask. What gives? Do tell!!” Michelle said sounding bored. (What could possibly happen while you are out getting seashells this early in the morning? Michelle was thinking.)

“Well, a man came up to me from nowhere and asked me where to go eat. He was a good looking guy too!!” Cassie started.

“Oh thrilling.” Michelle said.

“I’m not done yet, ‘chelle, “Cassie said as she continued, “Get this; he is going to the concert tonight!!!! He likes Bon Jovi. Now, how many guys do you know that actually like the band? “

“No Way!!! That is totally cool Cass. Did he give you his name?” Brittany asked.

“No, he just said he wasn’t ready to reveal it. He told me some password to get backstage at the House Of Bl I’m not sure what that meant either.” Cassie said.

“He sounds like a loser if he didn’t give you his name or anything.” Michelle said.

“Chill out Michelle, it sounds mysterious. Maybe he’ll run into you at the concert Cassie.” Brittany said.

“I don’t know. Maybe Michelle is right, but his kids were adorable.” Cassie said.

“Well, let’s not worry about it until tonight.” Cassie said. She attempted to change the subject “What are we going to do today?”

“Don’t change the subject!! I want to know more about this guy. What did he look like, hair color, eye color?? I don’t think we should go anywhere until you answer those questions.” Brittany said.

“That’s no fair!! Well, he had on a wife beater shirt, swim trunks, a baseball hat, gorgeous blue eyes, and blonde hair.” She said, “Now, what are we going to do today?”

“He sounds like a hunk. I hope you run into him tonight and introduce us to him.” Brittany said.

“Cassie is right, let’s not worry about it until tonight. Let’s go get some breakfast at McDonalds or someplace like that.” Michelle said.

As they left for breakfast, Cassie couldn’t help but think of the mysterious man during breakfast and all day long. They went on a shopping spree to the outdoor mall and Michelle was in a better mood because it was getting nearer to the concert that they went to. For dinner they went to Hard Rock CafĂ©, thinking they’d meet someone famous, but it wasn’t to be. At around 6:30 after dinner, they headed to the venue of the concert, The House of Blues. When they arrived, they parked the car and got out. They didn’t realize how many people would be at the concert, and was relieved that they already had their tickets. They stood in line for the security guards to open the doors.

Cassie looked around curiously. “I wonder if that guy I met on the beach is here!” She said.

“I hope so!! You need some happiness in your life since that last relationship you had.” Brittany said.

“It’s not like we’re going to get married or have kids or anything like that. I don’t even know his name. And besides, he probably already forgotten about me.” Cassie said.

“Well, if he IS here, you have to introduce us.” Michelle said.

“Well, I don’t see him so he probably isn’t going to show up. He probably just gave me that line about Bon Jovi to impress me. Boy!! I am so dumb and vulnerable.” Cassie said being depressed.

“Don’t talk that way!! You are not dumb. You might make some bad choices, but at least this way you know you won’t get hurt because this relationship didn’t get that far.” Brittany said trying to comfort Cassie.

As they were talking the guards opened the door and the crowd started pushing forward. The three best friends stood out of the way, because they knew that they had assigned seating and no one could take their seats. As the crowd thinned out, they made their way to the souvenir booth. The three girls made their selections. Cassie bought a program, T-shirt and a hat. Brittany and Michelle both bought different t-shirts and a program. They made their way to their seats and waited anxiously for the lights to go down.

At 7pm, the concert started. Since the House of Blues building was small, they did not have an opening band. They started out with “Raise Your Hands” and then played several of their well known songs. About halfway through the performance, Jon Bon Jovi made an announcement.

“Several of you have heard me sing and Richie sing. But how many of you have heard David sing?” The crowd went wild “Well, David wanted to sing a song to a fan he had met on the beach.”

Cassie turned to Brittany and Michelle “I wonder who he met on the beach?”

“Well,” Michelle started, “everyone knows he is single. I wonder if it could by you Cassie, you did say that you met a guy on the beach. And this same guy gave you a password to get you backstage.”

“Nah, it couldn’t be him…doesn’t even look like him..” Cassie said,

Jon continued “David didn’t get..”

David butted in “Let me tell the story…sheesh, you aren’t the only one who needs the limelight! Anyway this girl gave me directions to a great place to eat. How many of you have been to the HOP in Myrtle Beach? Great food. Anyway, I didn’t get this girls’ name but this song is for you.”

David winked into the crowd and started the introduction to In These Arms. The crowd went more wild when He started singing.

Cassie turned to her friends and she just melted. She knew that song was meant for her and she started crying. “I never cry to ANY Bon Jovi song! We HAVE to go backstage and give, whoever is there, the password. The worse it will do is get us kicked out.”

Brittany chimed in “Yeah, who knows maybe we will actually get to meet the band. That would be a dream come true!”

Cassie sang the rest of the Bon Jovi songs out loud, thinking of David. He had actually sung a song to her. No one has ever done that before. When the concert had ended, Cassie, Brittany and Michelle waited for the crowd to thin out. While they were waiting, they had a bite to eat and a soda.

“I can’ believe I wasted my money on a hot dog and soda and I’m not even hungry. I think I’m a bit nervous about meeting David ‘for real’ this time. I can’t believe he didn’t tell me his name. Of course, if I was him, I wouldn’t trust me either. He IS a rock star and needs his privacy.”

After the crowd had thinned out, they made their way out to the backdoor where several people were standing. They noticed several people knocking on the door trying to get the bodyguard to let them in, but to no avail. ‘What if I don’t have the right password’ Cassie thought? Cassie knocked on the door where she was approached by the bodyguard. “Password” was all he said. She whispered the words, David told her to say on the beach, to the bodyguard. The bodyguard quickly opened the door to let her in.

“What about my friends?” Cassie asked the bodyguard.

“Not now” the bodyguard answered.

“I will come back and get you when I ‘meet’ David. I’m sure he’ll let you guys in. Give me a few minutes” Cassie said.

“Hurry up!! We’ll be waiting!!” Michelle said.

Cassie was led down a dark hallway, which opened up to what looked like a dressing room with different clothes and table for each of the band members. No one was around. Cassie asked the bodyguard where everyone was.

“Well, apparently you are the only out of everyone that got the password correct….Hey wait, are you that girl that David Bryan met on the beach? The one that he mentioned at the concert?”

“All I did was I tell him where the IHOP was in town.” Cassie replied.

“Well, I was at practice today and he couldn’t keep his mind on what he was doing. Jon had to give him the stink eye several times to get his mind back on his work!!” The big bodyguard said. “Wait here and I’ll tell David you are here.”

“Wait, do you think my friends can join me?” Cassie asked. “We have all been friends since 2nd grade.”

“Oh, they came with you? I thought they were people acting like they knew you just to come in. Sure..What are their names?” The bodyguard asked.

“Their names are Brittany and Michelle.” Cassie said.

The bodyguard walked away and a few minutes later, Brit and Chelle came to where Cassie was waiting.